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Umut Kulp, who started production activities in 1984 as one of the pioneers in the furniture accessories sector, continues his operations today under the brand HandStyle. Umut Kulp, who initiated production activities in 1984 as one of the early players in the furniture accessories industry, currently operates under the brand name Hand Style. With its strong manufacturing capacity and qualified human resources, Umut Kulp efficiently meets the current and future expectations of its customers. The company continuously renews itself by keeping abreast of global innovations and technology, and embraces a contemporary vision for growth.
Raising the quality standards in the industry and expanding the product range are among the most important missions that Umut Kulp has set for itself. Umut Kulp stands out with its experienced and professional team, and today it has achieved sustainable success with hundreds of employees and thousands of customers. Umut Kulp has successfully combined design, technical knowledge, and organizational capabilities in a growth-oriented and adaptive manner. This enables them to offer all their customers the most optimal solutions in terms of both economy and needs. Umut Kulp specializes in furniture handles, knobs, hooks, furniture legs, connecting equipment, and custom-designed products. Today, the company conducts its production activities at its factory located in Istanbul Tuzla, which spans 12,000 square meters of enclosed space. Umut Kulp, with its professional team and extensive machinery, adheres to a high-quality approach from the design stage to shipment, offering a diverse product range and providing custom-made solutions tailored to customers’ demands without compromising on quality. In recent years, Umut Kulp has accelerated its international activities and made significant strides in exports. Today, the company exports its products to more than 50 countries. Umut Kulp actively participates in international fairs every year to expand its customer portfolio overseas and develop innovative approaches to further enhance its export capacity.